Write an Op-ED

Pretend that a major regional newspaper has asked you to submit an opinion piece (OP-ED) on the topic listed below. Your article should be 700-800 words in length. It must be typed, double-spaced and submitted in 12 pt. font. Upon completion, please upload your file as a .pdf document in Canvas. Your article must include strong and convincing arguments to support your claim/opinion on the issue. It should include researched data as well as specific examples/reports to support your argument. Your article should also include suggestions for solutions or actions recommended to address the situation.


Examine/research reports about the COVID-19 cases/pandemic in the following countries – USA, Canada, China and Anguilla. In looking at the research data, examine how many cases were reported in each country in March 2020 & November 2020. Compare and contrast the overall responses and outcomes to COVID-19 in these countries. In your opinion, what has caused the different outcomes in case numbers, deaths and overall handling/outcomes of the pandemic within these countries? Additionally (incorporate within your article), what role do you think the media has played in how information about COVID-19 is disseminated, received and utilized?

Citing your Sources:
Please include a list of your sources at the bottom of your article. You do not need any specific format, simply create a list of publications/link to digital resources/ texts utilized. Include the numbered list at the end of your article.


Op-Eds are not written by editorial staff and do not represent the “voice” of newspapers – they are written by “outside” writers
You are taking a stance on an issue/what is your opinion on this issue and strongly voice your claim
In the first paragraph, introduce the issue/topic and your argument – hook the reader
In the paragraphs that follow, support your arguments with your reasoning/examples/data etc.
In the conclusion, offer some solutions/suggestions, what action do you want to leave with your reader
Create an “About the Writer” paragraph and place it after the conclusion. Include a few sentences about yourself and why is this topic important to you. (3-5 sentences are ideal). You may also include this section in your total word count.


1. Here is a link to some helpful resources about Writing an Op-Ed https://journalistsresource.org/tip-sheets/writing/how-to-write-an-op-ed-or-column/
(Links to an external site.)

2. Here are some Additional Resources/Sample editorials
When visiting the links below, you may see pop-ups asking you to subscribe. You should not do any paid subscription for the first read of these samples. This assignment does not require that you do any paid subscriptions.
You may also search online for sample Op-Eds.

Sample Op-Ed in New York Times

The Washington Post
(Links to an external site.)

The Los Angeles Times

The Demise of the Ringling Bros a victory for animal rights
(Links to an external site.)


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