Write a program

Write a program that lets the user play the game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against the computer. The program should work as follows.

1. When the program begins, the user is asked to seed the random number generator, and a random number in the range of 1 through 3 is generated.

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Write a program
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If the number is 1, then the computer has chosen rock.

If the number is 2, then the computer has chosen paper.

If the number is 3, then the computer has chosen scissors.

(Don’t display the computers choice yet.)

2. Using a menu the user enters his or her choice of rock, paper, or scissors at the key-board.

3. The menu displays the options




4. The computers choice is displayed.

5. A winner is selected according to the following rules:

If one player chooses rock and the other player chooses scissors, then rock wins. (The rock smashes the scissors.) If one player chooses scissors and the other player chooses paper, then scissors wins. ( Scissors cuts paper.) If one player chooses paper and the other player chooses rock, then paper wins. ( Paper wraps rock.) If both players make the same choice, the game ends in a tie

Be sure to divide the program into at least the following methods

1. Display the menu, and get the users response

2. Get the random number

3. Determine the winner

4. Output the winner

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