Write a memo on Energy.

Memo of the GreenTalk


In last week’s GreenTalk, we learned that if we extract all the available fossil fuels in the ground, the resulting carbon emissions will significantly change the climate and make life on this planet more difficult. As Eugene Cordero (2019) also explained, the current U.S. government is interested in promoting the extraction of fossil fuels, mainly oil, natural gas, and coal.

Write a memo to Mr. Rick Perry, U.S. Secretary of Energy, discussing ways that society could transition away from fossil fuels in the coming decades to prevent irreversible climate change. You could discuss the three-step plan to reduce carbon emissions and offer solutions outlined in the GreenTalk. You should use content only from the Cunningham and Cunningham textbook and the GreenTalk to support your argument, which must be based on scientific evidence.

Note: DO NOT SUMMARIZE Cordero’s GT; put forth an argument in your thesis and develop it effectively in your memo.

Due: In class. Submit your Word file to Canvas.

Format: Memo, 12-point font, single space, blank line between paragraphs

Length: 1.5-2 pages

Grading: The grading rubric is in the Canvas assignment.

APA format for the GreenTalk and References

Cordero, E. (2019, October 30). Global warming and climate change: What’s an engineer to do? GreenTalk Speaker

Series. Lecture presented at San José State University, San José, CA.

Cunningham, W. P., & Cunningham, M. A. (2017). Principles of environmental science: Inquiry and applications.

(8th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill Education.

I posted the note of this Green talk

the requirement of memo and the grading rubric


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