Write a blog for your church website.

Note: Use below Textbook and 2 Presentations only. 300 Words

Thread: Write a blog for your church website in which you discuss the Jewish setting & context of the early church as described by Luke in the early chapters of Acts. Provide specific examples from the early chapters of Acts of the church’s “Jewishness.” Explain why you think Luke went to such lengths to depict the early church as authentically Jewish. Why is it important for Christians today to understand the Jewish roots of their faith? You must interact with assigned materials, including textbook and presentations, and document all sources used (including textbooks and presentations) in current Turabian format. textbooks. You must document all sources used in current Turabian format.


1) Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey (Chapters, 13-14)

Third Edition

© 2013 by Walter A. Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough


1)Stacy, Robert W. ‘’Presentation: The Jewish Setting of the Early Church In Acts.’’ Course Video, 2021.

2) Stacy, Robert W. ‘’Presentation: Pentecost & the Eschatological Setting of the Early Church in Acts.’’ Course Video, 2021.


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