Work and workers today

Imagine that you chose a career path in I/O psychology.

What research questions or practice issues interest you?

How might these interests affect your choice of training in I/O psychology and the job title you might hold?

Consider the historical advancements made by scientific management, human relations, and the army’s intelligence testing programs. How has each of these influenced what we know about work and about workers today?

Although I/O psychology is a distinct specialty area in the larger field of psychology, consider how the topics studied by I/O psychologists might benefit from other psychology specialty areas. For example, what contributions have social psychology, educational psychology, cognitive psychology, and other areas made to I/O psychology?

Mike is a seventh-grade boy of above-average intelligence. He has good language skills but does not interact well with other young adolescents. He has one friend and responds well to his mother and to the aide who works with him, although he shies away from contact with other people. He does fairly well in school, as long as his routine is not disrupted. He especially enjoys math and anything to do with numbers. He has memorized the batting averages of the starting line-up of all major league baseball teams. Mike most likely has

a. autistic disorder

b. Asperger syndrome

c. behavioral disorder

d. specific language disorder


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