Why did the Renaissance begin in the city of Florence, Italy?


Module 2: General Reading and Video Questions (10 points total):

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Why did the Renaissance begin in the city of Florence, Italy?
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The answers for these questions can be found in your readings and videos. Each answer should be at least five sentences long and answer all parts of the question.

1. Why did the Renaissance begin in the city of Florence, Italy?

2. What type of government did the Florentines have in the Early Renaissance Florence and how did that form of government have an impact on the art of the city?

3. Who were the Medici and why was that family important for the Renaissance?

4. What are some of the important developments that occurred in art during the Early Renaissance? Describe them and give examples.

5. Where do we see the influence of the ancient world in the art of the Early Renaissance? Give specific examples.

6. What is Humanism and how do we see it manifested in the art of the Early Renaissance?

7. Art becomes particularly political in this period. Give one example of a work with political messages and discuss how that message is communicated.

8. Competition becomes an important aspect of commissions at this time. How does the idea of competition fit with the ideas about individuality and human achievement in this period. What is one work from this period that was the result of a competition?

9. How has the status of the artist changed from the Late Gothic period to the Early Renaissance? Why is this important?

10. How is the art of the Early Renaissance similar and/or different from the art of the Late Gothic period?

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