“Why and How the Past is Present”

Instructions: Craft and submit a reply to assignment prompts # 1 & #2 according to the posted requirements listed below. Prompt #1: “Why and How the Past is Present” (Assignment Format: Five-page Analytical Essay) • Based on your studies in HST 3370 this semester, compose a five-page analytical essay that identifies and analyzes what you regard as the distinctive set of events, ideas, individuals and/or policies in California history that has most profoundly impacted your own prospects of realizing (or failing to realize) the California Dream. For the purposes of this assignment, the California Dream is defined as the opportunity to achieve freedom, success and happiness through demonstrated talent and hard work. Requirements for Full-credit (“A”): • Your paper should be a minimum of five pages in length (Times New Roman font, double spaced, and including a title, works cited page, and page numbers). • Your analysis must identify and analyze a selection of historical development drawn from time periods corresponding to at least three different HST 3370 course modules between 1869 and the present. This includes modules 6-12. • Your analysis must identify and analyze the relationship(s) you see between: o your selection of historical events/developments o the ways these developments have impacted your own prospects of realizing (or failing to realize) the “California Dream” circa 2020 and beyond. • Your analysis must support your claims through the accurate and appropriate citation of at least four different sources. • At least three of your cited sources must be drawn from the materials that make up the HST 3370 course curriculum; beyond that, you may draw upon any sources you choose to support your ideas about any topic in California history you would like to report on—whether that topic was or was not a part of the Fall, 2020 course curriculum! o (In other words, beyond the three required sources drawn from the HST 3370 course curriculum, you are free to incorporate any and all sources that fit your particular interests and ideas in response to the assignment prompt). Prompt #2: “What Needs to be Done to Ensure a Brighter Future?” (Format: Proposed Ballot Initiative/ One Paragraph Min.): • Based on the information and ideas generated through your work in Part I of this assignment, craft a California state ballot initiative (minimum one paragraph) that describes a proposed California state law, institution or program that you believe would facilitate your ability to more fully realize the California Dream in your lifetime. * Please note: this is a linked two-part research and writing assignment; please submit your work on this assignment as one document via Blackboard/Turnitin by Friday, December 11 @ 11:59 PM; Early submissions are welcome and appreciated! **Please also note: A list and description of (optional) assignments towards extra credit in HST 3370 are listed below.


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