What specific ideas about leadership did you arrive with and how have some of these ideas been transformed?

Assessment & Personal Leadership Model

In preparing your report, you should consider the following:

What specific ideas about leadership did you arrive with and how have some of these ideas been transformed? Which ideas have been strengthened by the readings?

Which readings are having a particular impact on you and why? How did the key questions and journal reflections change your ideas and behavior? Demonstrate that you have really worked with and applied the authors’ ideas.

How did you change as a leader? What did you do differently as you learned about your leadership?  Capture the actions you took, and your reflections on these actions, in your journal and supporting paper.

What is your personal model of leadership?  What leadership models covered in the course informed your model of leadership?  Include direct references to the course readings and other materials.

How would you define leadership? Please concisely state your definition of leadership in 3-5 sentences.

Part 1

The paper will be 7-10 double-spaced pages, follow the APA Style Guide, and be written with proper English grammar and spelling (Please refer to Appendix B: Writing Quality Rubric, in the syllabus). Please check the “Leadership Self Assessment & Personal Model Rubric” for further guidelines.

the objective of this assignment

Students will be able to apply leadership theories and models to their personal and professional lives, identifying impact and changes made throughout the course.

Through journal writing, reflection, and application of theory, students will construct their own personal leadership model.

Develop a definition of leadership informed by theories and models presented in class, their professional goals, and personal values.

Essential Components

This is the final project for the class. The leadership reflection paper is designed to provide an opportunity for you to reflect on the leadership concepts covered in this class, to determine their applicability to your current or future career and to determine which leadership concepts you would like develop more expertise in.

One more thing, can you complete the assignment around the contents of the catalog?



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