What role do our own experiences play in the “life” of the artist’s artworks and careers?

Answer all of the following general questions for each of the three artists (keep in mind, authors are artists too

Part 1

Who is the audience for the for each of these individuals, everyone or a select few? Explain your answer.
Artists are all storytellers in one way or another, how did you respond to hearing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s stories about her life?
What role do our own experiences play in the “life” of the artist’s artworks and careers? What I mean by that is, we all come to things from different places in life, so our reactions to everything are personal in some small way. Artists make work and release it into the world, after that the reactions to their work are constantly in flux. Feel free to share examples from personal experience(s) to help explain your answer.
Part 2: Now that you’ve learned about these artists, storytellers, chose the one artist/storyteller whose work/story resonated with you the most personally. Find a specific artwork (and embed it in the discussion) that you feel best represents this message. Include the artist, title, size, and location (if it’s a visual artwork).

Address the following in your post:

Artwork embedded, artist, title, size, location.

What is the message/goal of the art? Be specific.

How effectively does the artwork communicate its message? Provide specific examples in you answer. Does the range (the number of viewers) of audience affect this?

Do you think the artist’s success in the artwork is directly related to the size of the audience that see it, since it is about protest? Be specific.


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