What other recruiting sources would you recommend and why?

PURPOSE OF THIS CASE: The purpose of this exercise is to give you experience in creating a thought provoking, enticing, and actionable advertisement using the AIDA guidelines.REQUIRED UNDERSTANDINGS: You must be thoroughly familiar with the contents of Chapter 5 and with the nurse recruitment program of The University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) hospital in Birmingham, Alabama.INSTRUCTIONS:1. You are not to just copy the hospitals website. You Must Get Creative!!!!2. Based on the information available on the hospital’s website, create a hard-copy advertisement for the hospital to place in the Sunday edition of the “Birmingham News”.(DO NOT ACTUALLY SEND TO THE NEWSPAPER. THIS IS ONLY AN EXERCISE!!!!!!3. Analyze the hospital’s current online nurse’s advertisement. How would you improve on it? Explain why you would make the changes.4. Besides placing the ad in the local newspaper, what other recruiting sources would you recommend and why?


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