What do the terms “psychic automation” and “free association” mean?

Modern History

Book: What are you looking at by: Will Gompertz Chapters 13 & 14

Book:Isms-Understanding Modern Art by: Sam Phillps pages 52,53 & 64-67

(These are the books chapters/ pages you can use to find the answers but you are also welcome to use the internet for the following questions)

  1. When and where did the Dada movement start? What were the artists trying to say in their art forms? Who were some of the major artists and what types of art forms did they create? What was Merzbau and what was the artist trying to do in creating it?
  1. What were some of the ideas shared between the Surrealists and the Dada movement? How were the two groups different? Describe the artwork produced in 1917 called Parade. Who worked on it?
  1. What do the terms “psychic automation” and “free association” mean? How did the Surrealists use them in the creation of their art forms? Were there many female Surrealists? Name some of them and describe their styles. Why have there not been more female artists remembered in the lexicon of Western art?


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