What are your leadership qualities?

Leaders are aware of how they show up in everyday life and work. On the one hand, they bring their skills and their styles, including personality styles, to the table. We will see this as what they bring to their worlds. On the other hand, they also bring who they are. This includes their values and beliefs.

As you reflect upon your completed assessment inventories (LTQ, pp 37-39; Skills Inventory pp. 67-69; Leadership Behaviour Questionnaire, pp. 89-91; Myers Briggs,) and your Values (Unit 2)

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What are your leadership qualities?
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What are your leadership qualities? (1 Short Paragraph)
How have you applied your qualities and what were the results of your application? (Short Paragraph)
How have your Values influenced the application of your leadership qualities?
Imagine a person who is in a position of authority and lacks internal cohesion. How might this person act while occupying any position of authority? How will this person be perceived by others?

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