What are the strengths and weaknesses of St. Jude’s community benefits strategies?

Application Assignment
Not-for-Profit Charitable Culture
Carefully read the Evolution of the Health Communities Initiatives, Case # 22 located on page 317 in Darr, Farnsworth, & Myrtle’s Case book. In this case study, students will evaluate an example of nof-for-profit hospital leadership planning how to take its activities to a level with greater impact ad sustainability several years after initiating healthcare services for diverse, underserved communities.

ULO #3: Compare and contrast non-profit and for-profit health care entities. (CLO 3 and 7)
ULO #4: Considering the findings from a community needs assessment, develop a framework from which to base operational, financial, and strategic decisions. (CLO 3 and 7)
REFERENCESDarr, K., Farnsworth, T. J., & Myrtle, R. C. (2017). Cases in health services management. (6th ed.). Baltimore, MD: Health Professions Press.

The students are expected to carefully read the assignment instructions, then thoroughly and explicitly address each component of the corresponding case study questions.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of St. Jude’s community benefits strategies?
Would the collaboratives have a greater impact on the region if they cooperated? Why? Why not?
What strategies do you recommend to Ross to give the collaboratives a greater local and regional impact?
Within the limits of existing resources, what changes might Ross consider having a more notable impact on improving the community’s health status?
The submission should reflect higher-level cognitive processing (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation), which is essential for someone being prepared to serve in an operational capacity within the healthcare and related industry.
To earn the maximum number of points, the submission should reflect graduate-level execution with clear evidence of critical thinking, synthesis of relevant information from credible sources, and clear mastery of the concepts necessary to successfully execute each component of the assignment.
The submission should not exceed four (4) pages in length, excluding the title and reference list pages, and explicitly address all required components of this assignment.
The document must be double-spaced, adhere to the APA writing style (7th ed.), and include at least three (3) references of credible or peer-reviewed sources to support any suppositions and recommendations.
Finally, the document should be prepared as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded to Submit Assignment.


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