Web design

Create three teams of students according to the type of website they designed: personal, organizational/topical, or commercial. Within each team, each member should present his or her website to the team for evaluation, explaining how he or she developed and implemented his or her website plan. Each team then chooses the top two websites in their group according to overall design and the degree to which each website achieves its stated goals and purpose. Next, have the entire class evaluate the top two websites from each team and select the one website whose design and implementation best fits its stated goals and purpose.

Join with two other students to create a team. Assume the team is charged with the responsibility of identifying free or low-cost online promotional techniques for a new informational website whose audience will be parents with young children interested in finding information on online educational programs and apps. Create a presentation for the website’s owner that summarizes at least three online techniques the team recommends. Give reasons for your recommendations.

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Web design
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