Web design

Describe the differences between streaming, downloadable, and pseudo streaming media. List the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Use a search engine to find websites, forums, or blogs where web professionals discuss which method is best.

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Web design
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Describe any experience you have with watching or listening to media on the web, and what type of delivery was used. If possible, discuss your experiences with accessing media on different device types with varying bandwidths and screen sizes.

As you have learned, analytics report on website usage data, including views, sharing, and more.

Find at least two articles discussing what a web designer or website manager needs to track using analytic tools. Research CMS platforms’ analytic capabilities. Are any CMS platforms more robust than others? If so, how?

Describe, as a web designer, what tools you would use to provide your client or company with website analytics, what data you would track, and how you would measure the website’s success.

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