Web design

Browse the web for examples of web sites that exhibit good web design.

a. Using a screen-capture program, such as the snipping tool in Windows, capture web pages from a web site that show two levels of information. For example, capture the main page of a web site and a secondary page. Describe how the layouts for the two pages suit their information types and the needs of their users.

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Web design
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b. Use the graphic tools in a word-processing program or presentation program to include screen callouts with the web page images you capture. The callouts should indicate the unifying characteristics of the pages, such as shared colors, fonts, graphics, and page layout. (A callout is an arrow or line that connects to explanatory text. Many figures in this book have callouts, including Figure 2-5.) For example, Microsoft Word includes a callout tool in its collection of shapes.

c. Indicate the areas of active white space and passive white space.

d. Describe whether the design of the site is appropriate for the content.

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