Watermarking scheme

Suppose that you enroll in a course where the required text is a hardcopy manuscript written by the instructor. Being of simple mind, the instructor has inserted a simple-minded invisible watermark into each copy of the manuscript. The instructor claims that given any copy of the manuscript, he can easily determine who originally received the manuscript. The instructor challenges the class to solve the following problems.14

(i) Determine the watermarking scheme used,

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Watermarking scheme
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(ii) Make the watermarks unreadable.

Note that, in this context, “invisible” does not imply that the watermark is literally invisible—instead, it means that the watermark is not obvious to the reader.

a. Discuss several possible methods the instructor could have used to watermark the manuscripts.

b. How would you solve problem (i)?

c. How would you solve (ii), assuming that you have solved (i)?

d. Suppose that you are unable to solve (i). What could you do that  would likely enable you to solve (ii) without having solved (i)?

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