Valuing Investments

Suppose you purchased1000 shares of for Rs 70 per share. Initial Margin is 50%. Maintenance Margin is 40%. Suppose the stock price drops to Rs 60.

Do you need to put additional funds in your account?

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Valuing Investments
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Calculate the Breakeven price can fall before you receive a margin call?. Suppose the price rises to 80.

What is the Rate of Return on your investment?

Suppose you are a famous global bond fund manager, your fund size is US$10 billion, and you can invest in every kinds of fixed income products all over the world, including using related derivatives.Based on your fund management contract, you have to maintain not less than 70% of your portfolio in fixed income investment (30% in cash at most). In a cycle of FOMC(Federal Open Market Committee) lifting target interest rate this year, and you want to maximize your annual return and beat the market,

1. What’s your assumption of global macro economy in 2017?

2. How do you allocate your investment in different kinds of products this year? (please describe as detailed as you can, e.g. percentage of all products, durations, heding tools size(if have), currencies,…….)

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