Valuing Investments

Q1: The Tropicana Casino in Evansville Indiana is moving from their current location to a land-based CasinoA substantial increase in customer traffic is projected and, as a result, an increase in Human Capital will be required Based on our class discussions, the text, and posted articles, what issues should you, as the general manager, address with your management team? What programs do you need to implement and how will you evaluate the results?

Make sure your answer is thorough and you reference material to provide a complete analysis

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Valuing Investments
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Q2: Based on the elements of a High Performance Work System, discuss how you would apply each element to achieving the required performance for the new casino?

Suppose you purchased1000 shares of student. com for Rs 70 per share. Initial Margin is 50%. Maintenance Margin is 40%.

Suppose the stock price drops to Rs 60. Do you need to put additional funds in your account?

Calculate the Breakeven price can fall before you receive a margin call?

. Suppose the price rises to 80. What is the Rate of Return on your investment?

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