Valuing Investments

Write 600 a 750 words on the following topic.In chapters nine through twelve of Cocktail Party Economics, Evie Adomait and Richard Maranta discuss the conditions required for competitive markets to be efficient, and write about those circumstances under which market outcomes are less than efficient. They also argue that while perfectly functioning competitive markets are efficient, it is unlikely that market outcomes are equitable.

Write an opinion piece on one of the 5 topics as it relates to equity and efficiency

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Valuing Investments
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1) the Canadian government’s intervention in agricultural markets (such as poultry and dairy),

2) the provision of public education,

3) air and water pollution produced by Canadian industry,

4) monopoly and monopsony, and

5) financial markets. Use both media sources and CPE as reference material. Media sources include print or online newspapers, periodicals, internet blogs or opinion pieces, documentaries, radio or television.

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