Use of technology to promote student understanding

1.What is self-efficacy?

What types of instructional strategies benefit students’ self-efficacy?

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Use of technology to promote student understanding
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2.How are goal setting, planning, and self-monitoring important in improving students’ motivation to achieve?

3.How can students’ and teachers’ expectations affect students’ motivation? ∙

What is delay of gratification and how does it influence developmental outcomes?

1.What are extrinsic and intrinsic motivation? How are they involved in students’ achievement?

2.What characterizes attribution theory and an attribution approach to students’ achievement?

3.How does a mastery orientation compare with a helpless orientation and a performance orientation? Why is a growth mindset important in students’ achievement?

Which of the following examples best reflects the effective use of technology to promote student understanding?

a. Roberto is using a classroom technology game to help him learn his multiplication facts. The game presents a fact; he types in an answer. Each correct answer earns points.

b. Patricia is using a word-processing program to type a paper for her English class after having written it out longhand.

c. Deshawn is immersed in a technology simulation of the desert ecosystem.

d. Carmine is texting his best friend during class regarding their plans for the evening.

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