Twentieth Century China

Research Paper – Popular and official accounts of the Chinese revolution often assume that, in spite of linguistic, cultural, class, and geographical differences, the nation shared a common experience of the past. Yet, scholars have shown how the dramatic political, social, cultural, and economic changes of the twentieth century unfolded quite unevenly throughout China, often resulting in stark divisions between the city and the countryside as well as coastal, interior, and border regions. One’s experience of revolution was shaped by not only location but also gender, class, and ethnicity. As politicians, intellectuals, and activists reconfigured relations of power within Chinese society, their ideas and actions often explicitly favored the interests and rights of certain groups over others. With this diversity of experiences in mind, you will write a research paper focusing on the experience of revolution in twentieth-century China, including its benefits, challenges, and limitations, from the perspective of one social group. You are welcome to choose any social group and period that interests you. You should aim to synthesize any assigned readings related to your topic and consult with a minimum of three secondary sources that we have not already covered in class.


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