To what extent is China a ‘security threat’?

The 2500 word essay needs to be carefully written and it is MANDATORY to contain at least 10 out of 13 references.
(Footnotes count as words)

The extent to which China presents a threat to the US and whether or not China can ‘rise peacefully’ is a topic of debate within realism and security studies. John Mearsheimer, for example, has argued forcefully that if China continues on its current trajectory, then conflict with the US is inevitable.

The question that needs to be answered is: To what extent is China a ‘security threat’?

It must follow an excellent structure and flawless logic, as well as being very clear and unambiguous. Flows fluently. Extremely convincing, precisely articulated arguments.

Must-References (Videos, podcasts, articles) not attached in PDF format:

– Bill Callahan, ‘Mearsheimer Vs Nye on the Rise of China’, July 2015,

– Interview with Aaron Friedberg, ‘The Emerging U.S.-China Strategic Rivalry ’, Council on Foreign Relations, June, 2018,

– Interview with John Mearsheimer, March 2016,

– Carlson, Benjamin, “Why China Loves Trump ,” The Atlantic, March 2018.

– Etzioni, Amitai, “Mearsheimer’s War With China,” The Diplomat, March 2015.


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