The New Plastics Economy

You work for a manufacturer of soft drinks and your manager has asked you to look at the research and ideas in the links below and develop a new product or packaging idea and for a new target market:

Begin with the research:

Please read through and watch the following: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

The New Plastics Economy (Links to an external site.)

New Plastics Economy Animation – Innovation Prize (Links to an external site.)

Your task: Select one or two of the consumer trends identified by Euromonitor – and then create a new drink product or packaging idea , develop a customer profile of the target customer for this product – including a detailed description of the customer’s lifestyle and describe the decision making the process of this customer for this product.

Your response should be about 500 words 2 pages – your boss does not have much of an attention span – use headings to organize your ideas and bullets to summarize your key points! Please cite your sources in APA.


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