The budgeted Accounts Receivable

The following is the sales budget for the given months of BCO Pte Ltd:

Cash Sales Credit Sales

March $60,000 $232,000

April $34,000 $219,000

May $43,000 $224,000

June $48,000 $290,000

July $58,000 $222,000

Additional information to be used determining the expected cash collections each month that will be used in preparing the cash budget:

Collections on Credit sales:

60% in month of sale

30% in month following sale

10% in second month following sale

The Accounts Receivable balance on March 1 was $60,000 Of this amount, $40,000 represented uncollected February sales and $20,000 represented uncollected January sales Part 1:

What is the expect cash to be collected in March? $Answer

Part 2:

The budgeted Accounts Receivable on July 1 would be: Answer


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