Testing memory differences across cultures

a.       What do you thin

Ever notice how different people see the world differently? How do people come to have their views of the world? And their perceptions? Take any of the figures in the section on optical illusions and conduct your own cross-cultural experiment. Or better yet, design your own illusions or find others not discussed in this book and try them. Give the answer accordingly.

What kinds of things or events in your life do you remember?

How do those memories differ from those around you? Of people from different cultures?

How do you think those differences in memories affect your daily lives and interactions?

Construct a simple experiment testing memory differences across cultures.

Why do these differences exist? Explain your answer appropriately.



k are the origins of some of the universal aspects of gender differences described in the chapter? How would you study them?

b.      Consider the ways women have been portrayed in recent television shows and movies that you have watched.

Do you think that portrayals of women and men are changing in the media or not? Design a study that would test your ideas.

a.       How do you perceive your national culture with respect to Hofstede’s Masculinity vs. Femininity dimension?

b.      As a parent, what kind of gender role and identity would you want your children to adopt? Why?

c.       Consider a hypothetical research study that you might like to conduct that would investigate gender differences of a particular behavior or psychological phenomenon.

How would you conduct the study cross-culturally?


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