Test cross-browser compatibility

Test cross-browser compatibility.

a. Make sure you have recent versions of at least two current browsers installed on your computer. (See “Hands-On Project 1” in Chapter 1 if you need to download and install a browser.) If possible, have a smartphone or tablet available as well.

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Test cross-browser compatibility
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b. Browse a variety of web sites. Make sure to view various pages of the sites in different browsers and on different devices.

c. Write a detailed description of how the various sites appear in the browsers you have chosen. Look for text, layout, and graphic inconsistencies.

Test accessibility software

. Download a trial version of one of the following screen reading programs. Navigate to different web sites, and use the tool to read the site. Close your eyes while listening. Write a short essay describing your experience.

a.  Jaws (www.freedomscientific.com/downloads/jaws/jaws-downloads.asp)

b. Window Eyes (www.gwmicro.com/Window-Eyes/Demo)

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