1. Name the physical design objectives. Which objective do you think ranks as the most important?

2. What are the components that make up the physical model? How are these related to components of the logical model?

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Indicate if true or false:

A. It is a good practice to drop the indexes before the initial load.

B. The key of the fact table is independent of the keys of the dimension tables.

C. Remote deployment of desktop tools is usually faster.

D. A pilot data mart is necessary when the users are already very familiar with data warehousing.

E. Backing up the data warehouse is not necessary under any conditions because you can recover data from the source systems.

F. Passwords must be cryptic and arbitrary.

G. Always checkpoint the load jobs.

H. It is a good practice to load the fact tables before loading the dimension tables.

I. Initial training of the users must include basic database and data storage concepts.

J. Role-based security provision is not suitable for the data warehouse.

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