Surface Water

3 to 5 Page Scholarly Research Paper using In-Text Citations (with Page Numbers) and a Bibliography. Final Draft Structure and Content: (110 points) Please use the following outline to structure your papers, or at least take note of the points break-down below, and make sure you have the following required sections – because this is how you will be graded. Introduction Paragraph: (5 points) Consider introducing the reader to your topic by using a hook, or a narrative device used to draw the reader’s attention and induce them to keep reading. What made you choose your topic? What is your connection? Regardless of whether or not you decide to use a hook, you must introduce your reader to the topic and explain your paper’s overall organization. Your introduction paragraph should conclude with your Thesis Statement below. Thesis and Transitions: (20 points) Thesis (10 points): A thesis is one sentence which informs your reader of the overall organization of your paper. A thesis needs to allude to each section and subsection of your paper. Your thesis should be something like “my topic has these two main sections with these three sub-sections each.” Transitions/Subject Headings (10 points): These ten points are for good organization. Transitions are another narrative device used to keep the reader’s attention and remind them of the overall structure of your paper. A transition is essentially a sentence informing the reader that your narrative is moving from one section (or sub-section) to the next. The more often a reader is reminded of how they are progressing through a narrative, the more likely they are to stay interested until the end. If literary devices are not your cup of tea, you may use Subject Headings for the sections and sub-sections of your paper (Ex: Section 1, Section 2). You must have some sort of an organizational tool. Section 1: (30 points) This section should have 3 paragraphs, 1 for each subsection (10 pts each) 1. Sub-Section 1 2. Sub-Section 2 3. Sub-Section 3 Section 2: (30 points) This section should have 3 paragraphs, 1 for each subsection (10 pts each) 1. Sub-Section 4 2. Sub-Section 5 3. Sub-Section 6 Conclusion Paragraph: (5 points) Remind the reader of your introductory hook (if you used one) and restate your thesis one last time.


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