Structured methods of job analysis

1. Consider each of the products of a job analysis. How do these products affect other organizational outcomes?

2. Imagine that you were in charge of hiring new employees for a particular job that you are familiar with. Which screening methods would you choose and why?

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Structured methods of job analysis
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Consider your current job, or a job that you or a friend had in the past.

How would you begin to conduct a job analysis of that position? What methods would you use? What are the important components of the job?

Compare and contrast the four specific, structured methods of job analysis: the functional job analysis, the job element method, the Position Analysis Questionnaire, and the critical incidents technique. Make a table listing their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Which middle school student is at greatest risk of developing a serious emotional disturbance?

a. Jill, the most popular girl in the seventh grade, who sometimes says demeaning things to less popular girls

b. Kevin, an eighth-grader who gets good grades in most subjects, has difficulty interacting with classmates, and has memorized all of Shakespeare’s sonnets

c. Harriet, a sixth-grade girl whose ADHD symptoms are controlled well by medication

d. Mark, a seventh-grade boy who gets poor grades in many classes and frequently acts out in angry, violent ways

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