Strategic Marketing Plan

Assignment title Developing and Managing a Strategic Marketing Plan
Read the following scenario, and prepare a report with the guidelines provided.
Scenario:Choose an organization (either the one you are working with or any other organization of your choice) and assume that you are the marketing manager of the chosen organization. You have been asked to write a report, to be presented to the board of directors, on how a strategic marketing plan should be developed and managed in the organisation.

Note:  Choose a specific product / for your chosen organization.   If your chosen organization has (n) products or services, it is enough you prepare the report based on a specific product / service among them of your choice.

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Strategic Marketing Plan
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The report should include the following:


1.      Executive Summary

  1. Introduction of the Chosen Organization
  2. Explain the role of strategic marketing, the marketing process involved and evaluate how the marketing strategies can be linked to the corporate strategy of the chosen organization.
  3. Discuss and assess the value of two models that contributes to strategic marketing planning. The report should include discussion and assessment of Porter’s Five Forces Model and PESTLE Analysis).
  4. Discuss the STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) options and explain how they can be linked to the proposed marketing tactics.
  5. For the proposed strategic marketing strategy, analyze the benefits of relationship marketing.
  6. Critically evaluate and ascertain growth opportunities for the organization in a specific market using Ansoff Matrix.
  7. Plan how to use Marketing Strategy Options for the specific market chosen using BCG Matrix.
  8. Create appropriate Strategic Marketing Objectives for the specific chosen market.
  9. Conduct an internal analysis to identify current strength and weaknesses in the existing marketing strategy of the chosen organisation. In addition, report on the impact of changes in the external environment on the marketing strategy. (Both internal and external analysis can be conducted using the SWOT tool).
  10. Identify key local, national and global emerging marketing themes and propose marketing responses for these themes.
  11. Conclusions and recommendations.
  12. References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)


The report shall not exceed 6000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.


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