A random sample of 13 men and 19 women in a college class reported their grade point average (Histograms were provided): Summary statistics for these data are: _ y s Men 2.898 0.583 Women 3.330 0.395 A woman in the class says she believes that college women tend to have higher GPAs than do college men. Does this sample support her claim? BEFORE jumping to a conclusion, follow these steps to reach a conclusion:

1. State the null and alternative hypotheses.

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2. How would you use the histograms to help analyze this problem?

3. Do you calculate a z- or t-test statistic? Why?

4. Do you follow the procedure for comparing two independent means or paired samples?

5. Calculate the test statistic using MegaStat. Also, check the confidence interval box so you can answer #8.

6. Using an a=0.05 level, reach your decision and state your conclusion in context.

7. Regardless of the statistical significance, do you think that the difference in GPA between men and women in this data is of practical importance?

8. State the confidence interval obtained as a byproduct of your hypothesis test. Interpret what this confidence interval means.

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