1.    Which statement is typically NOT true about the alternative hypothesis?


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a)    It presumes innocence

b)    It is a belief about the population

c)    It is denoted with H sub a.

d)    It focuses on the suspicion of an event.


2. Soda Tak claims that Diet Tak has 40mg of sodium per can. You work for a consumer organization that tests such claims. You take a random sample of 60 cans and find that the mean amount of sodium in the sample is 42.4mg. The population standard deviation is 7.2mg. You suspect that there are more than 40mg of sodium per can. Find the z-score.


a)    0.2

b)    2.582

c)    2.727

d)    5.143


3. Which statemnet below is NOT true about Error Types?


a)    A Type I error is when a false null hypothesis is rejected

b)    A Type II error is when a false null hypothesis fails to be rejected

c)    A Type I error is denoted by the Greek letter Alpha

d)    A Type II error is denoted by the Greek letter Beta


4. Find the 99% confidence interval for the population mean when the population standard deviation is 4. The sample mean is 6. We assume that the population has a normal distribution Ten items are taken in the sample.


a)    3.52 to 8.48

b)    2.74 to 9.26

c)    3.56 to 8.44

d)    4.14 to 7.86


5. You test calories for a food item. The brand name has a mean of 158.706 and a sample standard deviation = 25.236, when seventeen are tested. The generic item has a mean of 122.471 and a sample standard deviation = 26.483, when seventeen are tested. Which is a confidence interval of 95%?


a)    17.79 to 54.67

b)    18.161 to 54.309

c)    17.01 to 55.46

d)    18.23 to 54.24



6. There is a new treatment for smokers to stop smoking. In an experiment, 80% of 300 smokers quit after 10 days of the treatment. What is the reasonable age for the success rate p of our new treatment? Which is the 95% confidence interval?


a)    0.755 to 0.845

b)    0.8096 to 0.8904

c)    0.8048 to 0.8952

d)    0.749 to 0.851


7. Which is the size of the sample needed in order to obtain a margin of error of 3.2% in a 95% Cl for p? That is, we want a proportion plus or minus 3.2%


a)    600

b)    702

c)    784

d)    938

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