State the hypothesis

The data below are from an independent-measures experiment comparing three different treatment conditions.
Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3
0 1 4
0 4 3 G = 24
0 1 6 ?X2 = 92
2 0 3
T = 2 T = 6 T = 16
SS = 3 SS = 9 SS = 6

Determine whether these data indicate any significant differences among the treatments.

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State the hypothesis
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Step 1 State the hypothesis:

Step 2 State the alpha level and reason for selecting it:

Step 3 Indicate which statistic you have selected:

Step 4 Calculate and list your Sum of Squares:

Step 5 Calculate and list your d.f. values:

Step 6 State the rejection rule:

Step 7 Calculate Mean Squares and the F-ratio:

Step 8 Make a decision whether to accept or reject the null hypotheses and state your decision in terms of the problem

Step 9 Post Hoc Test needed or not.

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