Software Engineering

Your university wants to automate the task of checking that students who are scheduled to graduate have actually satisfied the degree requirements in their respective majors. A key challenge in automating this task is that every degree major has its own unique requirements. Study the degree requirements of three disciplines at your university; identify which graduation requirements they have in common and where they diverge.

Describe how the variability might be generalized so that checking the degree requirements of each major can be derived from the same product line.

For each of the systems described below, sketch an appropriate software architecture and explain how you would assign key functionalities to the design’s components.

a weather forecasting application that analyzes tens of thousands of data elements collected from various sensors; the sensors periodically transmit new data values

In an early meeting with your customer, the customer lists the following “requirements” for a system he wants you to build:

The client daemon must be invisible to the user

Classify each of the above as a functional requirement, a quality requirement, a design constraint, or a process constraint. Which of the above might be premature design decisions? Re-express each of these decisions as a requirement that the design decision was meant to achieve.


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