Software Engineering

Create an Android App that displays Faculty member information as shown in the provided demo. The App must conform to the following requirements:

  1. Use the provided a ZIP file that contains all image and data assets for this assignment. Please UNZIP this file and ‘COPY’ all the assets to your project. No other data or images should be used for this assignment.
  2. You must create a Faculty class. This class must model a Faculty member. You can refer to the ‘keys’ in the JSON dictionaries to determine what properties you need to model in this class. Please do not modify the provided JSON file in any way.
  3. You app must use Fragments and a Navigation Controller as described in the video lectures.
  4. Also, please use a RecyclerView to display the list of Faculty members. Remember that you must use custom Layout file with RecyclerView. You also need a Custom Adapter class as described in the lecture videos.
  5. If the user selects a row in the Faculty List then a corresponding Detail Fragment will be displayed showing the user more information about their selection.

    The URL for a faculty member’s website is, where lastnameis the faculty member’s last name in all lowercase letters.
    You can get the faculty member’s website url information from the included JSON file. There is a key in the JSON called ‘website’.

  6. There should be a Button in the Faculty Detail Activity that allows the user to open the faculty member’s website in a browser that is in another fragment.


  • The image files provided in the assets contain images of each faculty member. These images are all sized identically – please do not resize them. If you do, then they will probably not display uniformly in the RecyclerView. Remember to copy these images to the res/drawable folder.
  • The JSON files provided should be copied into the assets folder. You need to create it.
  • The image files provided in the assets are named very specifically. They are named as the faculty member’s username followed by ‘.jpg’.

    You can get the faculty member’s username information from the included JSON file. There is a key in the JSON called ‘userName’.

  • Test your program!
  • Use Kotlin since this is the direction that Android Development is taking.

Here is a sample run of the App:


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