Software Engineering

Consider you are a question paper setter for an entrance examination system. In this system, an applicant has to create the application by filling the required details and fees payment towards the application. Payment can be done via credit/debit card or online. In addition, verification committee will verify all the applications. The system constitutes an enrolment office which takes care of generating and dispatching the admit card, an applicant is typically allowed to sit for the examination. The role of an examiner is to check the answer sheets and submits the marks to the system. Based on the marks, the enrolment office generates the grade card and dispatches to the respective applicants.

For the above scenario, draw the complete use case diagram and label it.

Write a Software Reference Architecture document for a fictitious University information technology department. This Software Reference Architecture should include at least one software framework (e.g. Spring, struct, Hibernate). You can assume the data storage is part of software because it normally uses a database.

Provide three examples of software projects that would be amenable to the prototyping Model.

Discuss the objectives of modular software design What are the effects of module coupling and cohesion?


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