Software Engineering

Create or describe a vector image you would add to an existing website of your choice, such as a personal website you have created, or your school’s website. If available, use image-editing software to create a vector image that you could use on the website. If you do not have access to image-editing tools, sketch an image by hand. A

Discuss the website for which you would use the image, and explain how your image’s colors, lines, and size meet the needs and support the goals of your website.

Use a search engine to find a list of fonts and font stacks considered to be web safe. Join with another student to research how to use CSS to create font stacks. Include discussion about techniques, tools, and commonly used font stacks. Explore the use of generic fonts.

Explain why or why not you might use embedded fonts in your website.

Discuss why including similar backup and generic fonts can meet the website’s design goals, and why it is important to include them in your website.


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