Software Engineering

1. What are the three basic table elements?

2. What table element presents its content as bold and centered?

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Software Engineering
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3. What table element lets you add a title for a table?

4.What CSS property can you use to change the alignment of the element?

Examine the flowchart you created for your web site. Consider the requirements of both internal and external navigation. Create a revised flowchart that shows the variety of navigation options you are planning for the web site. Using your HTML editor, mark up examples of navigation bars for your content. Make sure your filenames are intact before you start coding. Save the various navigation bars as separate HTML files for later inclusion in your web pages Plan the types of navigation graphics you want to create. Sketch page banners, navigation buttons, and related graphics.

Find sources for navigation graphics. For example, you can use public domain (noncopyrighted) clip art collections on the web for basic navigation arrows and other graphics.

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