Software Design

Design within a software development processes (SDP)

How does an organization maintain design artifacts for software that evolves over many decades?

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Software Design
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What are the benefits and limitations associated with maintaining design artifacts?

Design within an agile software development processes (SDP)

How is design done in an agile SDP? How much design should be documented while using an agile SDP while staying true to the agile manifesto?


  • Students are advised to enroll in online course of HCI from Interaction Design Foundation.(

Q1. Evaluate the user-based analysis of below software application platform using P-(People), A(Activities), C(Context) and T(Task). Use the screen shorts wherever necessary.

[10 marks]


  • Any social media Interface (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc.)


  • Any Email Interface (gmail/yahoo/hotmail/ etc.)


Q2. Considering any operating system of your choice (Windows or Mac or Linux) and related personal use application (Word/Power Point/), Evaluate and give your opinion on the below User Interface options depending on their usability of flexibility and efficient.Use the screen shorts wherever necessary.                                                                                        [10 marks]


  • Interactive Window
  • Pop up Menu
  • Processing Icon
  • Widgets
  • Toolbar


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