The person interviewed in this video discusses playing tennis versus video games. Compare and contrast these two activities. The world of gaming has changed considerably since this video was filmed; do you feel that video gaming is still a detriment to the physical health of children of this age?

Describe the new skills that demonstrate children’s advances in fine motor development in middle childhood.

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What are some possible reasons why many children at this age are not as physically active as they should be?

Why are children in middle childhood less vulnerable to the effects of malnutrition than they were when they were younger?

Explain how children’s gross motor skills develop in middle childhood and how these advancements are related to participation in games and sports.

Why do you think overweight and obesity are most common among lowincome American ethnic groups even though, internationally, overweight and obesity are highest in the highest income countries?

What is myopia and why is it more likely to occur in developed countries than in developing countries?

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