A wealthy older woman is facing nursing home placement but her family wants to keep her assets from being spent for her care to protect their inheritance. If she has fewer assets she will be eligible for medical assistance and her care will be free in a nursing home. The family asks you for advice.

What should the social worker do?

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An older adult with many physical and cognitive problems adamantly insists on staying on in her own home despite her family’s wishes that she consider an assisted-living facility or a nursing home. The family cannot provide direct assistance but can pay for services. What should the social worker do? 2. An older adult may take longer to answer a direct question due to

a. neurological changes.

b. cardiovascular changes.

c. hearing and vision changes.

d. metabolic system changes

Professional supervision is critical to social workers but especially to those working with older adults because

a. many older clients will die and increase the likelihood of depression for the social worker.

b. older adults are the most difficult client population to work with.

c. every social worker will need to confront the reality of his or her own and family members’ aging.

d. there are few solutions to the problems of older adults.


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