Social Change

The student will research and analyze the Voting Rights Act in the media, government, or social work professional literature. The paper should be six pages in length using the 7th edition APA format with the use of at least five Academic References (journal, newspaper, book, magazine articles, etc). It will include appropriate documentation of research cited, will be double spaced and typed.

The paper should include:

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Social Change
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Part I: The Problem: Why is this policy needed?

1.Social Problem

2.Power Imbalance or Struggle

3.Public Reaction.

Part II: The Policy: What does the current policy cover?

1.Policies, Public Laws or Administrative Rules

2.Implementation of Social Welfare Programs

Part III: Impact: What is the actual impact? What was the intended impact? What did the public expect?

1.Actual Impact

2.Legislative Intended Impact

3. Public Expectations

Affected Populations: Who is impacted by this policy? How are they impacted?

Part IV: Conclusion: This is where you can interject your thoughts on the policy and express any ideas you have for making improvements.

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