Social Change

1. If a social worker suspects an older adult is being abused or neglected, the social worker should

a. not assume the older adult is a victim and thoroughly assess the situation.

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Social Change
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b. confront the alleged abuser prior to talking to the older adult.

c. immediately call Adult Protective Services.

d. assume the older adult is a victim of mistreatment and immediately remove him of her from the home.

A social worker is working with an older woman who complains constantly that her illness is a punishment from God for things she has done in her life and is openly angry. The worker’s concept of a supreme being is one of a loving and compassionate spirit who does not punish. What should the social worker do ? 2.Designating a health-care proxy can be accomplished by

a. completing a living will.

b. telling an individual that he or she can make decisions on one’s behalf.

c. completing a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

d. filing court papers naming a person as the proxy.

An older man who is dying is in extraordinary pain and discomfort and the social worker suspects he is hoarding his medication so that he can take his own life. What should the social worker do?2. One of the biggest challenges to LGBT older adults is

a. how to include their spouses or partners when they move to an institution.

b. the disproportionately high number of chronic medical conditions they develop.

c. advocating for themselves in health-care institutions.

d. living with a history of sociohistorical discrimination and negative social attitudes.

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