Signature Research Paper on health and sciences

The class is human sexuality & sex education, the paper can be STDs and other diseases.
It needed to include: Thesis; Applied sciences; Social sciences; Diversity Component; Personal experience.

It can not be the same toxic as the following example
Here are the professor’s examples on the topic of Corona Virus Pandemic.
Thesis: Corona Virus Pandemic is the worst health Disaster Ever
•Applied Sciences: Medicine Biology – The Nature of the virus –The spread of the pandemic U.S. Statistics Compare with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, Economic impact
•Social Sciences : The cultural Eating Habits that could have possibly contributed to the origin of the virus and the spread in Wuhan and the social acceptance of “Social Distancing”
•Diversity Component- Gender and Women’s Studies- The disease has affected more men than women, Pregnant women are not drastically affected , Elderly and the homeless are more severely affected
•Personal experience and the learning that took place as a result of writing this paper.


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