Short Answer #1

Please respond to the bolded question below. Your response should thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the question. Be sure to provide evidence/support in defense of your position. Responses that earn maximum points should have no spelling, grammatical, or vocabulary errors; they should be well structured and coherent; and they should fully answer the question.

Your response is due by 11 PM on Sunday, December 6. If you miss the due date, then you may still submit the assignment by 11 PM on Wednesday, December 9, but you will incur a late penalty and you will not receive any instructor feedback. Please see the policy regarding make-ups and late assignments from the course syllabus for more information.

You may use quotes, but make sure that your quotes are relevant, properly introduced, and explained. Also, your response should not be filled with quotes; please be selective when including quotes. Please limit your quotations from sources provided on Canvas (e.g., course textbooks, primary sources, articles). Do not quote from a source outside of our Canvas course. If you are quoting from the course textbooks then please cite the quote in the following way: (Western Civilization, Vol. 2; p. 75). If you are quoting from a primary source or article, then please include the title of the source followed by the page number in your citation. For example: (A Treatise on Christian Liberty, p. 2). Don’t forget to include quotation marks when quoting a source!

Question: You have just finished learning about European history from approximately the year 1500 to 1945 (congratulations!).

What do you think was the single most important event/development in European history during that time span? Please explain.
Is the impact of that event/development still felt today? Please explain.


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