Security Architecture

In an analogy to genetic diversity in biological systems, it is sometimes argued that metamorphism can increase the resistance of software to certain types of attacks, such as buffer overflow.

a. Why should metamorphic software be more resistant to buffer overflow attacks? Hint: See [281].

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Security Architecture
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b. Discuss other types of attacks that metamorphism might help to prevent.

c. From a development perspective, what difficulties does metamorphism present?


Suppose that a particular system has 1,000,000 bugs, each with MTBF of 10,000,000 hours. The good guys work for 10,000 hours and find 1,000 bugs.

a. If Trudy works for 10 hours and finds 1 bug, what is the probability that Trudy’s bug was not found by the good guys?

b. If Trudy works for 30 hours and finds 3 bugs, what is the probability that at least one of her bugs was not found by the good guys?

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