Security Architecture

Phatbot, Agobot, and XtremBot all belong to the same botnet family.

a. Pick one of these variants and discuss its command and control structure.

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Security Architecture
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b. These botnets are open source projects that are distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This is highly unusual for malware—most malware writers are arrested and jailed if they are caught. Why do you suppose that the authors of these botnets are not punished?

It has been suggested that from the perspective of signature detection, malware now far outnumbers goodware. That is, the number of signatures required to detect malicious programs exceeds the number of legitimate programs.

a. Is it plausible that there could be more malware than legitimate programs? Why or why not?

b. Assuming there is more malware than goodware, design an improved signature-based detection system.

In contrast to a flash worm, a slow worm is designed to slowly spread its infection while remaining undetected. Then, at a preset time, all of the slow worms could emerge and do something malicious. The net effect would be similar to that of a flash worm.

a. Discuss one weakness (from Trudy’s perspective) of a slow worm as compared with a flash worm.

b. Discuss one weakness (also from Trudy’s perspective) of a flash worm compared with a slow worm

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