Secure software development

Exploit the vulnerable program (vulnerable.c) to obtain a shell. The vulnerable program and sample exploit (you need to edit the exploit to make it work) are in the Assignments folder which in turn is in the Documents folder in the TritonApps lab environment. Provide commands and the screenshots of the outputs to illustrate your exploit. [10 pts]

Answer the following questions related to the exploit:

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Secure software development
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a. Which function and statement in the program is the major cause of the vulnerability? Why? [10 pts]

b. What address are you using to overwrite the return address? How did you obtain this address? [10 pts]

c. Draw a figure of the overflow string that leads to a successful buffer overflow attack and a shell. The figure should highlight the important addresses and contents. [10 pts]

d. What offset worked for your exploit? How did you find the offset? [

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