Search engines

Access each of the following search engines. For each one, discuss how it handles paid search advertising when you type in a search term such as “running shoes.” Instead of “running shoes” you can type in another search term that interests you.

What ads do you see as display ads, text ads and organic search results?

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Search engines
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Discuss the differences among the four search engines. Which one do you like the best? Why? Be sure to make screenshots of your original search results.

a. Google (

b. Yahoo! (

c. AOL Search (

d. Bing (

Use a search engine to locate three digital advertising agencies. For each agency, describe what type of digital marketing services the agency provides.

If you owned a small restaurant chain, which agency would you hire for your digital marketing program? Why? (Provide the URL for each agency in your response as well as pertinent screenshots.)

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